CGS is diligently monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and is committed to being responsible and supportive while navigating these difficult times and keeping everyone's safety and well-being in mind.

Directors Message

Mrs. Farhat Khan, Mrs. Shereen Ispahani & Mrs. Bilquis Dada

Chittagong Grammar School was founded in 1992 as an English Medium school to provide a world class education for the students of Chittagong. Since those humble beginnings, the school has evolved to cater to the changing needs of young people in both Chittagong and the capital city of Dhaka. The school is known for its academic accomplishment in the British styled O and A levels but also as a designated examination centre for the SAT tests for U.S. college admissions. More recently, we have added the option for students to follow the Bangladesh National Curriculum. We believe that this option will cater to more specific needs and requirements of our pupils.  We are very proud that unlike most academic institutions, CGS is in a position to offer this flexibility to our students. We believe that our National Curriculum option has allowed CGS to complete its journey to becoming a holistic academic institution, meeting the needs of students both at home and abroad.

CGS fosters a common vision amongst all our students by celebrating diversity, Bangladeshi nationalism and by focusing on the pursuit of excellence in both academic as well as extra-curricular activities in order to develop young men and women who have a solid foundation to pursue any educational path as well as career in their future.  Producing quality “all-rounders” is the goal at CGS and we believe we have the ability to do that better with the National Curriculum option. Our teachers play the most important role in ensuring this consistency across the academic offerings of CGS.

Our Alumni are some of the most well placed individuals who have achieved beyond their own expectation as well as ours. They are all pleased to see their CGS evolving with time and getting better at providing quality experience regardless of the subject or curriculum. We aim to further engage our alumni in order to inspire and assist our current students in making key decisions for their academic and professional future. 

Welcome to the new CGS, where we offer an extensive breadth of options to pursue academically. Through the expansion of our facilities over the years we have ensured that we are at a convenient location for all our students. Come explore your interests and let us help you find your strengths, which you can leverage for a lifetime of success both in Bangladesh and abroad.