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Welcome to Middle School

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Middle School! This wonderful unit of CGS comprises of classes 3 to 8. It is here that our students will capture the core of our Cambridge curriculum and build strong academic foundation. It is also here that they will undergo their first examinations starting from grade 3.

The Middle school educates over 750 students and employs over 185 staff comprising of teachers, administration personnel, management and support staff, all of whom are here to support our students to achieve their level best. 

Our academic department composes of English, Mathematics, Bengali, Sciences, Social Studies, Literature, IT, Art and Global Perspectives. Our additional services to students include: ECAs (Extracurricular Activities), ICT exams, Academic Counseling for grade 7 students, Round Square and much, much more.

Here at CGS middle school not only do we aim to educate our students academically but we also encourage them to explore their creative, innovative and other aspirations.

We look forward to giving all potential students the chance to be a part of our CGS legacy.


CGS Middle School Management


The Middle School

Located at Surson Valley , 448 / B Joy Nagar, Chatteswari Road, Chittagong, the Middle School houses classes 3 to class 8. There is a library, Science Lab,two IT centers. The Tuck Shop provides snacks and all school stationery requirements.