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Welcome to CGS Dhaka Secondary

Head's Message:

Dear Reader:

A warm welcome to CGSD Primary & Secondary and also to the 25th year celebration of CGS! 

CGSD Primary houses PG - Class 6. This is where the children start their journey at CGS. In the course of our academics, we specifically channelise development of the language, social-emotional, cognitive and creative domains of our students. Over time, this journey is blended to match the Cambridge system and curriculum and from Class 3, students begin to sit for term exams. 

CGSD has approximately 650 students and 240 staff (faculties, administrative personnel, management and support staff) under its wings of both Primary and Secondary, all of whom focus on optimizing the academic and personal development of each child. These two units also cater to 215 Community School students for their schooling, hygiene and nutrition needs after regular school hours.

At CGSD Primary, the academics comprise of English, Math, Science, Bangla, Geography, Social Studies, Literature, History, Art & IT. ICT exams are facilitated from Class 2 upward, held and certified under the Cambridge University every year. 

CGSD Secondary comprises of Classes 6-10. Here, the students are prepared in stages each year towards the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) O’ Levels in which they appear in two stages, once in Cls.9 and at the end of Class 10.

In Class 7, the students sit for the Cambridge ICT Starter examinations. At the end of Class 7, professional career counsellors are brought in from ICS. They advise and guide the students to make their respective choices for the selection of O’ Level subjects according to their aptitude and interest. In Class 8, the O’ Level syllabus commences and students sit for the CIE Check point exams. The subjects that we offer for O’ Levels are: English Language, Mathematics D,  Bangla, Bangladesh Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Commerce, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Additional Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Management, Art and Design.

In our pursuit to be compatible with the evolution of the teaching methodology, CGS has absorbed as its flagship project by introducing the subject Global Perspectives from Class 6 upward. This is an area where the intangible skills of presentation and peer assessment are also taken into account in addition to the conventional assessment criteria.

Along with the academics, CGS believes in developing all-rounders for which we offer 14 clubs for Extra Curricular Activities, participation in the Duke of Edinburgh program, Round Square conferences and Model United Nation conferences both at national and international levels. In addition, the International Art competitions, Commonwealth Essay competitions and Olympiads are to name a few in which our students are highly encouraged to participate each year.

Our parents are our biggest partners in the development of our students who are none other than our own children and we look forward to the continued support in our journey ahead as part of the support circle that CGS fosters.


Asia Alam Chowdhury