CGS is diligently monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and is committed to being responsible and supportive while navigating these difficult times and keeping everyone's safety and well-being in mind.

Welcome to CGS NC

Welcome to Chittagong Grammar School National Curriculum.

CGS in the last two decades has successfully enlightened thousands of young minds with world class education following the British curriculum.

In parallel, there has always been a demand of a world standard national curriculum English medium school in Chittagong. CGS with its vast and enriched experience stepped in to fill the gap.

Thus, CGS National Curriculum started its journey back in 2010.

We have been registered under Ministry of Education, Bangladesh and also follow the national curriculum for primary and secondary schools  designed by NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board), Bangladesh.

Our teachers are highly trained in the curriculum and also posses vast experience in modern teaching methodologies.

Teachers encourage logical thinking. We also encourage students to practice problem solving abilities by using modern classroom techniques so that they expand their intellectual horizons beyond classrooms.

As a result, our students who have been appearing in class 5 PECE (Primary Education Completion Exam) exam each year,  are making us proud through their academic excellence.

In 2015 our class 8 students appeared in JSC exam. 100% passed,  100% GPA 5 and 6 students got golden GPA 5.

Education is not just about textbooks or curriculum. In today’s dynamic world a child deserves more from school. We believe that it is also our responsibility to form character and teach values. We have been instilling courage, generosity, service in hundreds of young impressionable minds.

We have a very dynamic and experienced staff determined to provide excellent support to prepare our students better for their future. We believe in teamwork with parents and therefore parents are always welcome to share their views and suggestions with us at any time.

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